Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new and I want to work out with you Nardia. Where do I start?

There are many programs to choose from #GetupNation app, #GetupNationSquad, and our prebuilt Programs.

Or you can start following any one of our free workouts located on YouTube Most videos are follow-along workouts so there is no guesswork on how to complete each workout. Most workouts are mostly short (30 mins or less) however effective and if you stay consistent, you will see great results pretty fast.


For our PREMIUM workouts or more personalized training - which means that you belong to GetupNation or GetupNationSquad and have downloaded our APP or have bookmarked our online coaching site. This also where you will participate in our challenges.


I’m a beginner and your workouts seem hard. Where do I get easier workouts?

The BodyLab offers workouts for every fitness level and even for the more challenging workouts, it is always recommended to follow along at their own pace and make modifications that suit your limitations. However, still, push yourself. If the exercises are too hard, then try some of the easier modifications we try our best to provide modifications during workouts videos.  In addition to that, there is Beginner training in the BodyLabTV for everyone who wants to start building their strength and stamina with easier workouts.


I’ve not lost any weight or inches. What am I doing wrong?

If you’ve been training for at least 4 weeks consistently the problem in regards to weight/FAT loss is likely in your diet or could be a medical one. Please reassess your eating and also check with your physician for any underlying medical conditions.



Can I watch your workouts via mobile devices, and on the IOS device?

Yes! Workout's free workouts are available on our YouTube channel and BodyLabTV. You have to have purchased or be a challenge participant to use The BodyLab APP. Both will work on all of your devices so that you can take them anywhere.


Is 20--30 minutes a day really enough to get visible results?

Absolutely. This is how Nardia transformed her body after baby and how she keeps in shape for the past several years, and there’s now enough research to support the benefits of short, high-intensity workouts. HIIT workouts are extremely effective for building strength, stamina, burn fat, and burning lots of calories. 


How long are Challenges available?

The Challenges along with all workout guides are subject to change or be removed at any time. However free challenges locate on YouTube are always available. 

I purchased a meal plan or challenge and did not receive an email

Workout guides, challenges, and basic meal plans are online programs and are not emailed. If you are not making a purchasing through our APP, ie. purchasing a $9.99 meal plan do not click back button a downloadable window will refresh after payment is complete.



What exercise equipment do I need to follow your routines?

The BodyLab has a wide variety of training videos - from no equipment to a few small items you can have right at home. Our basic equipment setup needs is an exercise mat, jump rope (speed rope), pair of dumbbells (your choice, we recommend a light minimum of 5 lbs each and heavyset 15 lbs), bench or chair, and Kettlebell. We generally use using 25lbs Kettlebell which is the perfect size for either men or women, however, we encourage you to get something more suitable for you if you’re a beginner. 


Equipment list for a start-up home gym and for challenge or training plans can be found HERE


How much weight will I lose doing the challenge?

Weight loss results will vary. The idea of our challenges is to give you a general idea of how to eat and train. Remember it's about consistency, recommended proper and nutrition. We do not sell the idea of losing weight rapidly through fad diets, recommended weight loss is 1-2lbs weekly. Challenges instruct participants on how to make better food choices to either lose, gain, or maintain a healthy weight. The Challenges generally include a complete training videos/ training program meal guide and healthy recipes and a food/supply shopping list unless otherwise specified.


How often do you post new workouts to YouTube?

We generally post at least 1 new workouts weekly. Join the GetUpNation to get access to much more.


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