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Diastasis Recti Self Test

Diastasis Recti self-test Aka separation of the rectus abdominis (6 pack) muscles caused when the linea alba (midline connective tissue) is thinned. Diastasis recti looks different for every person and may sometimes be painful. Pregnancy is not the only thing that causes this ab separation. It creates an abdominal bulge. You don't have to have been pregnant to have Diastasis recti.

This bulge or stomach pooch is because the abdominal organs become unsupported by the rectus abdominis muscles. It usually looks like a cone shape located close to the belly button.

Diastasis recti can cause a minor separation (one of 1-2 finger widths) which is considered not a significant injury. Or more severe of 5-10 fingers wide. Exercise and safe core strengthening routines can help restore the core to its natural state. Definitely talk to your doctor if your concerned or think you may have Diastasis recti.

Help DR by strengthening your core work your transverse abdominis, internal abdominal obliques, diaphragm, and pelvic floor. 

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