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1 Rule Plan (eBook) - The 1 Rule plan consists of an approved food list, which makes knowing what to eat simpler for men and women. This plan is the plan I follow over the years and will be using in my postpartum "snapback."

  • Seven-day detailed meal plan
  • Full Approved Food List
  • Sample recipes
  • Portion sizes that guide you in making your meals
  • Carb cycling plan 
  • Exclusive Facebook Group


*Does not include a complete 30 day menu. You simply follow the 1 RULE and make your own menu.

*There are no refunds on eBooks

*Individual results vary. Results are not guaranteed— I am not a dietician or nutritionist.

All files are for personal use only, and all copyrights remain with The BodyLab LLC.

30 Day Meal Plan

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